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Several years ago, Deb D’Amato and Stacey Carter began working together to explore the similarities of horse training and bodywork and to collaborate on a clinic that would teach the power of touch to horse owners, giving people tools to help their animals become calmer, improve quality of movement and develop a stronger bond. Dubbed “Yin Horsemanship” it contrasts traditional training that focuses on telling the horse to perform, or more “Yang” principles. Yin Horsemanship helps horses unwind from the stresses and strains of life, tapping into naturally produced hormones that have a “feel-good”effect and facilitate bonding with the person doing the touching by asking and not telling.


Yin Horsemanship Clinics explore techniques that will help your horse become more grounded, relaxed, attuned and ready to excel at any discipline. Yin Horsemanship balances the more yang practices of riding and working the horse; instead of telling and forcing, we are asking and inviting. Asking and inviting the horse to come towards us or move away, to follow us, inviting its muscles to release tensions they are holding, asking the nervous system to notice. These methods are restorative and have a calming effect on the nervous system, and help the horse unwind and rebalance after physical or mental stress.

Clinics are open to participants with their own horses and those who prefer to work with our herd. We offer clinics at Labelle’s Equestrian Center in Mt. Ulla, North Carolina or at your facility.

One on One

For those that prefer one-on-one support we are now offering individual sessions at a wonderful farm in Mt Ulla. We can work with you to troubleshoot handling, behavior and training issues and help you improve both bodywork and horsemanship skills and even personalized self-care recommendations, and as there is a suitable covered area at the barn we can accommodate riding skills/issues as well in the event of nasty weather. Email for more information! equineridersolutions@gmail.com

Many training issues are rooted in physical restrictions, discomfort, energy blocks, and lack of understanding. We can help you get to the root of persistent difficulties and discover solutions that you can implement to help you and your horse achieve a fluid, harmonious partnership.

“Do the best you can until you know better.

Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou

Yin Horsemanship is a method of using the Chinese yin principles of slow, yielding and soft to establish a better relationship with your horse. This clinic will show you how to use bodywork as a tool to improve connection and leadership with your horse.

Some frequently cited benefits of Yin Yoga include:
-Calms and balances the mind and body

-Reduces stress and anxiety

-Increases circulation

-Improves flexibility

-Releases fascia and improves joint mobility

-Balances the internal organs and improves the flow of chi

Yin Horsemanship can do the same things for your horse! These are techniques that ANYONE can do, you don’t have to be an expert rider or seasoned horse person. The practice of Yin Horsemanship builds relationship with the horse because it feels good. The horse becomes softer, more willing to follow your lead, and calmer. This is excellent preparation for more Yang practices such as longing and riding. Horsemanship requires balance. If your horse is stiff, tense, anxious, uncomfortable, or resistant, Yin Horsemanship can help

Yin Light

A new series of 2-hour clinics which break down the philosophies and techniques of Yin Horsemanship into separate elements focusing on personalized small group instruction and exploration. Lots of hands-on and individualized attention.

Contact us to schedule a clinic or series at our barn or yours! equineridersolutions@gmail.com

Yin Horsemanship for the Horse That Doesn’t Like Grooming

Grooming the horse is, ideally, not just a way to get them clean but also an opportunity to develop connection and relationship through positive experiences. Horses that love to be groomed enjoy being in close contact with their person, it is a source of pleasure and comfort. But what if the horse doesn’t want toContinue reading “Yin Horsemanship for the Horse That Doesn’t Like Grooming”

Fun On A Rainy Day

We took advantage of the rainy day Monday to work on the Yin Level 2 Clinic. Zella and Moon appreciated being our demo horses, and of course Millie got lots of belly rubs from Deb.

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